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Packaging tapes, marking, double-sided, masking tape, foam and a variety of adhesive tapes.

Used in during production process to protect the parts from damage caused by scratches, from the assembly process to the final packaging.

Solvents, lubricants, adhesives, degreasers and complementary materials for the different stages of production.

  The takt time of application for a tape in a process is very important, therefore we have the appropriate dispensers for each type of material.

High security seals can help to detect when the merchandise in a container has been modified during shipment.

High security seals
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General use
Protective films


Our sales executives are highly trained and can help you find the product that best meets the needs of your project, you will have customized attention and will have the sample of the product that you need as soon as possible.

We are specialized in high performance tapes for applications in the automotive, aerospace, medical and electronics industries.

Adhesivos liquidos